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it is time to achieve your career goals and live a happier life in the process


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I help you achieve your career goals and feel great in the process, without giving up the success you've already built.

I work with people in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry to help them find happiness in their job and/or identify their next career move. Whether it's designing your career path and knowing your next step, learning to advocate for yourself, overcoming challenging performance feedback, or working better as a team, I can help you.

The results you will get from working with me go far beyond what your company training program offers.

You not only advance in your career, you develop as a person, which has a ripple effect to all areas of your life.

I'm Melissa. certified career & Life coach and host of the navigating your career podcast

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What my Clients Say

"I am truly mind blown by my progress over just a few months!"

"My feelings about my career have completely turned around. I was unhappy, frustrated, burnt out, ready to walk away and through this coaching process....tiny shifts in my mindset...have helped me find my way again, and others have noticed my re-engagement, which certainly says a lot. I now have a work life balance. By "clearing the clutter" and thinking about what makes me happy vs. what I should be doing, I'm spending time on new hobbies and finally getting in touch with my emotions and more importantly, not being afraid of them. I feel like the clutter in my brain of the "what ifs" and the "shoulds" has been cleared and it is so much easier to focus on what I want to do and what makes me happy and fulfilled!I am truly mind blown by my progress over just a few months. Investing in ourselves is so important and this process proves why, not only does it have an impact on you, but on everyone in your life."

jenna B.

"I don't think I've known myself this well in years, if ever."

"Coaching with Melissa is the best investment I’ve made in myself. She is so pleasant and easy to talk to! Melissa has asked me questions to help me understand what I’m interested in (and not interested in!) and then helped me begin to understand how I can translate that into a career that is fulfilling to me. My awareness of and ability to navigate tough professional and personal situations is much improved and I don't think I've known myself this well in years, if ever."

kate J.

"Having little job satisfaction to now where I have learned that I love my job but was holding myself back has been a huge transformation"

"My self confidence through this experience has grown exponentially. Having a professional unbiased and fearless coach to guide me through my decision making and practicing real life conversations before they happen has left me better prepared and confident to advocate for myself. I stopped obsessing over a colleague that I felt was subpar and just started showing up for myself and my team and advocating for myself and others who I do stand for. Coming from where I was in having little job satisfaction to now where I have learned that I love my job but I was holding myself back has been such a huge transformation.  Its worth the money and if you don't make the investment in yourself, no one else will. Best money I ever spent on myself!"

Angie S.

"I finally feel like I'm on a clear path to successfully meeting my goals!"

"I can’t say enough good things about coaching with Melissa! She’s an amazing coach, super friendly, easy to talk to, and I felt like I had known her for years! She asks the right questions to help you dig deep into what goals are, any blocks you may have that’s hindering you from achieving them, and how to work around them. Our coaching sessions helped me in so many ways and I finally feel like I’m on a clear path to successfully meeting my goals! Thank YOU Melissa!"  

Katie F.

"Coaching is a must for everyone!"

"Melissa is an excellent Coach! She is a safe place to unpack the day-to-day concerns, as well as the baggage of your past. She is an excellent listener who desires to help you achieve your goals, without any agenda of her own. Having Melissa as a Coach has provided me with much needed accountability and helped me make the shifts I needed to achieve goals I had at work and at home. She does not judge but gently moves you towards your desired goals. My husband also coached with Melissa and said "I will always brag I was coached by (her). I am still clear and confident about my path forward." Coaching is a must for everyone."

Teri M.

"I realized I didn't need another degree to have the future I want."

"The process is really fun. I went from feeling unsure about my career, unfulfilled, thinking about getting another advanced degree, to discovering a dream I have for my future. The process can be hard but it is really helpful. It is neat to see the changes and become more self-aware of my thoughts and what I really want. I was able to determine what I want long term and make a plan to make it a reality. I discovered what was missing and realized I didn't need another degree to have the future I want."

Janet P.

my story...

I am an experienced coach, podcast host, and organizational psychologist. I'm also a mom, a wife, and no stranger to (badly) dancing in the kitchen.

I work with people 1-1 and in groups when they feel stuck and aren't sure what to do next in their career.  I have a Masters degree in Organizational Psychology and prior to my private coaching practice, spent 10 years leading talent & development in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry. 

I have helped countless people like you achieve goals they never thought they could without giving up the success they've already built.  I can help you too.

Certified Career & Life Coach

I'm melissa.

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I help people like you overcome career challenges and get unstuck.
You get happy in your job or figure out your next move, guaranteed.