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want to live up to your potential and make a difference

Overthink everything. You aren't sure what to do, so you end up hesitant to do anything

Work a ton and give your career your all, but you want to enjoy your work without giving up your personal life

Let me guess, right now you...

You are talented and driven. You want to be the best, stand out, and make an impact.

"Coaching with Melissa will change your life from day 1."

"I thought Melissa would just help me figure out the next chapter in my career. She's much more than a Career Coach. I am more empowered, focused, and confident. I recommend coaching with Melissa to anyone who wants SEE A CHANGE: a change in their career, their current role, their company, and/or their relationships."(Odette negotiated her ideal leadership role with a new company)

Odette, Director of project management

"Working with Melissa changed my life!"

Her authentic coaching style impressed me at first sight. Through her empowering sessions, I was able to onboard in my new role successfully, lead my team with confidence and start delivering results in record time. Working with her improved my work-life balance, career fulfillment and time management skills significantly." (Tugba moved into a new people management role and earned a substantial promotion)

tugba, Quality assurance manager

"Don't hesitate to hire Melissa as your Coach."

During your journey with Melissa, she will ask you the tough questions you don’t ask yourself and will challenge you on your traditional ways of thinking but she’ll also equip you with the tools and confidence to get to that next place you want to be. I learned how to reframe expectations, approach situations with a different mindset, and use my strengths to my advantage." (Patty identified her best career move and excelled in her role)

Patty, global supply chain & strategy director

"Best money I ever spent on myself!"

"Having little job satisfaction to now where I love my job has been a huge transformation! My confidence has grown exponentially. Having a professional, unbiased, and fearless coach to guide me left me better prepared and confident to advocate for myself and started showing up for myself and my team."  (Angie earned 2 promotions and positioned herself to be in a role that didn't exist before!)

Angela, Associate Director Manufacturing Operations

"Best ROI for investment on self!"

My heart is filled with gratitude and deep gratification that I took the leap of faith with the career coaching process. I know my anchor points for success in the chosen career path; successfully transitioned into business and management space with great excitement for what is to come."  (Swathi earned a new position in business management and transitioned out of bench work)

Swathi, process manager in business planning & operations

"I am truly mind blown by my progress in just a few months!"

My feelings about my career have completely turned around. I was unhappy, frustrated, burnt out, ready to walk away. Through this coaching process I have found my way again. Investing in ourselves is so important and this process proves why, not only does it have an impact on you, but everyone in your life." (Jenna negotiated her ideal role and earned a promotion!)

Jenna, clinical operations project lead

"I highly recommend working with Melissa!"

We assessed my interest and values and developed a career plan. I incorporated these interests into my role to improve my job satisfaction. I also used the information to transition into a position that more closely aligned with my passions. In addition to solidifying a career plan, she also coached me through navigating challenging relationships and tackling negative thoughts." (Michelle moved into her ideal role with a substantial pay increase)

michelle, translational oncology director

"I now know the value of a stellar Coach!"

I took a more lucrative position and I now have the opportunity to learn an entirely different facet of this industry where I can continue my climb. Coaching gave me an impactful inner voice and helped me to realize that a shift in mindset was a powerful tool, one that I can access and control. That sense of regained control led to a significant reduction in anxiety and an improvement in my work/life balance. 

Cristin, project manager

Melissa is an authorized Wiley Partner and provides limited company partnerships for career and leadership coaching, team building, and organizational development. She is also available for speaking engagements. For inquiries, send us a message or schedule a 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs.

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Customized and measurable 1-1 coaching program for busy Pharma/Biotech professionals who want to take their career to the next level. I help you be more effective, develop as a leader, have more influence, and get to YOUR next level.

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How to Work With Me

Multi-Certified Career & Life Coach, ICF professional coach, masters in organizational psychology, former talent & development leader for big pharma, Authorized wiley partner, certified leadership challenge facilitator,  member of the women in bio - leadership team

Like you, I had a great job on paper but I knew I wanted more. I wanted to make a big impact and be the best. Now I help people like you find your unique path and get to your next level. Whether you want to know your next best career move, be more effective as a leader, or position yourself to excel in a new role, I am the coach that will help you make your goals inevitable.

I'm Melissa. I help you get to your next level and find happiness at work, without overworking.

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