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I'm Melissa. Your host and Certified Career and Life Coach. I spent 20 years in Corporate America, the last 10 leading Talent & Development in pharma/biotech. I am here to help you create a career you love and overcome any workplace challenge. You can wake up happy instead of filled with dread, know you're applying your skills and passion, and achieve more than you think is possible.
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Feeling stuck is a problem so many people face in their career. Promotions are limited, others seem to be getting ahead, and it can sometimes seem unfair. You're a high performer and seem to be doing everything right, so why do you feel stuck? You're just trying to get to the next level.

You try to pad your resume, take more development courses, get certified in something, all to show your credibility and value, that you can handle the next level.

It just seems like the next logical step you've been working toward.  A client was telling me she did everything right. She went to school, got a good job and even got her MBA. But at the end of the year, like so many others, she was faced with the performance rating process.  She wondered what her rating would be, if she could get promoted, or if her job would still be there with the constant re-organizations and COVID changes. 

She knew she hit her milestones, but dreaded the rating.  It's a forced curve but so many factors go  


A Promotion isn't the answer

December 02, 2020

into what your rating will be. It's exhausting. So she focused on getting promoted. But the more we dug into what she really wanted, the beliefs she had, and what she thought she was "supposed to do" it became clear the promotion wasn't going to solve her problem.

It wasn't going to make her feel any better, because those same circumstances would be there at any level. We had to work on something deeper.

What you'll learn from this episode:

Why getting promoted won't solve your career problems

How to succeed and achieve your goals in any setting

3 steps to help you take your career to the next level

How to work through any challenge and show up as yourself to get to the next level

Featured on the episode:

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