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I'm Melissa. Your host and Certified Career and Life Coach. I spent 20 years in Corporate America, the last 10 leading Talent & Development in pharma/biotech. I am here to help you create a career you love and overcome any workplace challenge. You can wake up happy instead of filled with dread, know you're applying your skills and passion, and achieve more than you think is possible.
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I rang in the new year at home with my wife and kids, watching the new years eve specials on tv, playing cards, and putting our dogs in ridiculous new years hats. We also watched Soul twice over the break.  

If you haven’t seen it – I swear it was written by a Coach. It is made by Disney Pixar and streaming on Disney+ right now. The movie is so good on so many levels but the overall message I want to share is that we spend our lives chasing accomplishments only to find we keep raising the bar with every accomplishment. We think if we just had more money, a better job, a big break, then we would feel differently.

What Soul teaches us is that the purpose of our lives is to live it, in the small moments and big moments. You see, when you get that job, you will start working toward a bigger better job, more money or promotion. When you get a nice house, you’ll eventually start wanting a bigger house, a nicer house. We just keep chasing.


goal strategies that work

january 06, 2021

But our lives are happening right now. These small moments, waking up in the morning, your morning routine with your family or on your own is all part of this glorious life that is yours. Your purpose is to be you. You can have goals, I would argue you should have goals, but the difference is – can you feel happy and content while you’re working toward your goal or only once you achieve it?

If you’re working toward goals because you think then you’ll be happy, then you’ll be less stressed, then you’ll make it, that’s just not true. It’s a bandaid. You’ll feel better for a moment and then you’ll go right back to the next big thing.

What you'll learn from this episode:

My 3 strategies for goal setting that actually work

The missing step that will make all the difference in how you select and make progress toward your goals

Why goal setting is important

How to enjoy the process between setting your goals and achieving them

Featured on the episode:

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