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I'm here to help you build a life you're happy to wake up to every day. I know what it's like to want more (even when you don't feel you should). I am the host of the Becoming Fearless Podcast, a Certified Career and Life Coach over 10 years of coaching experience.  After a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry as a Director of Talent and Development, I transitioned to my own practice. My clients identify their ideal job, earn more money, and make career transitions without fear or the dreaded (and common) mom-guilt. They live a life that lights them up and build the confidence that changes their life well beyond our coaching engagement.

I'm Melissa

"Listen, I wish I could tell you it gets better. But, it doesn't get better, YOU get better" - Joan Rivers 

Melissa Lawrence is on a mission to accelerate the growth and advancement of women at work.  She believes the key is to help women become fearless, to know they can tackle any challenge, to tap into their unique strengths, and have the courage to take powerful action. She is a Certified Career and Life Coach. Her background comes from the Pharmaceutical industry as a Director of Talent & Development where she was the key performance and career coach.

In her practice she coaches women 1:1 to uncover their potential, let go of limiting beliefs, and take their career and life to new heights.

Her credentials include:
Masters in Organizational Psychology
Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
20 years of professional experience in developing others including leading a women's professional group where over 85% of members saw career advancement.

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What You Can Accomplish

Figure out the missing piece to your happiness in your career and at home. Overcome it and live a life you design.

Transition you to a new industry or role - getting you where you want to be at the level you want to be efficiently and effectively.

Identify your ideal career aligned with your home life and talents and create an action plan and confidence to get there.

Increase your performance, network, and build strong relationships at home and at work.

Overcome fear, limiting beliefs, and the obstacles in your way so you can show up more confident for the rest of your life.

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