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Learn Why you feel stuck at work and how to go from stressed to happy in 4 steps

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I've been there and I have perfected the steps to go from stressed to happy. It's easier than you think.

You aren't happy at work right now.
Does this sound like you?

 You're stressed about your career future and aren't sure what path to take.

• There seems to be something different about you. You're a high performer with a lot of experience but your expertise is overlooked.

• The workplace culture is eating you alive. You are overworked and it is impacting you at home too.

You've always done what you thought you should do and aren't really sure what you want anymore, you know you just want something different. 

 You tried the DIY approach (books, podcasts, trainings, and they just aren't working).

• You struggle with standing up for yourself, negotiating the best salary and getting your ideas listened to.

• You have a great job on paper but it doesn't energize you, spark joy and you wonder if there is more for you.

You're the best at what you do and know you could be happier, you are ready to stop settling and feel joy in your life.

(and I'm teaching you the steps in this free course!)

An opportunity to ask any of your questions and get expert advice on how to get unstuck, feel better, and see progress.

Video trainings and the blueprint you need sent to your email 09/21/2021-09/28/2021

An action plan to go from stressed to happy quicker than you think (and without giving up the success you've built)

A step-by-step blueprint to discovering what is missing in your career

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Once you sign up, you are all set! Be on the lookout in your email for the training program to begin, Tuesday, September 21st.  You'll get the answers you need and the steps to take to go from stuck to happy in your career.

Look, I know you're busy so I'm doing something special with this program. I am going to deliver it to you straight to your mailbox in bite-sized videos so you can learn, apply, learn, apply, learn, apply in a way that works for you and doesn't require an hour or more of your time at any given moment.  Here is the breakdown of the training schedule.  Did I mention you get a bonus LIVE Q&A and Workbook? Yep, you do.

Career passion blueprint training schedule

We are taking the 4 step framework and you're going to learn specific ways it is applied and how to make it work for you

Video 3

Apply it

Learn the 4 simple steps you take to go from stressed and uncertain to knowing what you want and how to get it

Video 2

4 Step Framework

You likely don't even know where to start and in this video you're going to see what's possible and start to brainstorm your ideas

Video 1

discover possibilities

Thursday 9/23

You'll get a workbook to take notes, apply what you learn and make your action plan to discovering your career passion.



Get your questions answered by attending the live Q&A session where I'll be providing guidance on the top questions.



Tuesday 9/21

Wednesday 9/22

Tuesday 9/28


I am a Certified Career and Life Coach and podcast host with a masters in organizational psychology. Before starting my company, I had a 20 year corporate career in pharma/biotech and government consulting.

When I'm not coaching and working with my clients to achieve their dream careers and life, you can find me dancing (badly) in the kitchen and singing (badly) in the car with my family.

I work with people who feel stuck and aren't sure what to do next in their career. Through a blend of psychology, brain science, and personal and professional skill development, you discover your ideal career path, advance to the next level, and get to know yourself in a way you never have before.

This training is going to be just what you need.

Hello there! I'm Melissa.

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