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You've had a lot of success and some people may be happy but you know there is more. You try to convince yourself to stay but knowing there could be something more for you, a bigger impact you could make, is stressing you out.

You are settling and it is stressful


You want to get to that next level, earn that promotion, help your team perform better, and know you're operating at your best.  The cookie-cutter approaches just aren't working and you want to excel on your terms.

You want to get to the next level


You've worked hard to get where you are and you don't want to start over or make a wrong move. But you're not sure your path aligns with your skills or even personality. You want to know your next move is the best one.

You feel stuck in your career


But you have that nagging voice that things could be better. You have so much to give and want to know how to have more impact and feel joy in your job again.

Your job is great on paper so you convince yourself to stick it out

Sound like you?

you are results oriented and want custom solutions and to understand yourself on a deeper level

You love the idea of advancing in your career based on who you are and not some political corporate mold

You are a high performer in pharma/biotech and want 1-1 coaching and support

1-1 Coaching is perfect for you if...

"Coaching with Melissa will change your life from day 1. She's much more than a Career Coach. I grew so much!! The investment is totally worth it."

- odette r.

"Before working with Melissa I felt like my life was out of control. Now I feel passionate about what I do. I am happier, stronger, and fully empowered."

- urszula w.

"Having little job satisfaction to now where I love my job has been a huge transformation! It's worth the investment. Best money I ever spent on myself!"

- Angela S.

You can be confident in your career path, get to that next level, and love what you do, all without overworking or sacrificing what you have created so far. Schedule a free consultation call so we can discuss your goals and determine if coaching is a good fit for you. If it isn't, I'll leave you with some recommendations so you have a path forward.

It's time to know what you're really capable of.

Ready for a change?

Multi-Certified Career & Life Coach, ICF professional coach, masters in organizational psychology, former talent & development leader for big pharma, Authorized wiley partner, member of the women in bio - leadership team

Like you, I had a great job on paper but I knew there was something more for me. Now I help people like you find your unique path and get to the next level.  Through my experience in Corporate and in my own business, I have perfected the process and made it more simple than ever.  I guide you through everything you need to know in the most effective way so you can cut out the drama and love your work.

I've been developing people at work for 20 years and have helped countless people finally find their career path.

hey there!

patty q.

"I have a clear path to what I want next. If you haven't tried coaching with Melissa, try it. Having someone who is objective is like opening a window and letting in the fresh air along with fresh ideas."

lorraine s.

"Prior to working with Melissa, I didn't even know who I really was anymore. I have now achieved clarity in terms of a path forward in my career and more balance and overall happiness in my life."

JEssica A.

"The work over 6 months with Melissa has led to multiple opportunities fulfilling the career aspirations I've been working toward. Melissa has a fresh take that is really helpful. Reach out to Melissa."

love notes

I'm with you every step of the way. Unlike goals you try on your own, when you want to quit, I'm going to coach you and you won't give up on yourself ever again.


Overthinking, doubt, struggle with making decisions? You'll overcome these and other issues you may be struggling with like work boundaries, confidence, and speaking up.

Personal skills

Learn and master the professional skills you need from leadership development to business acumen and influencing others. Get clear guidance and development that works.

professional skills

A powerful aspect of coaching, you will get insight into your brain using neuroscience and behavioral psychology as well as Human Design and assessments tailored to you.

Uncover blind spots

Go through my proven process grounded in positive psychology and neuroscience that will identify your unique career path (and make it a reality too!)

know your career path

No cookie-cutter, Google searching or asking a friend. Coaching sessions are tailored to you and designed to guarantee you achieve your specific goals.

custom for you

Curious about what you can expect?

My Clients say that coaching is difficult in the best way. This isn't reading a book or watching a TedTalk. You're having real, meaningful growth that is resulting in promotions, better relationships, higher performance and increased confidence. Your quality of life skyrockets. I am here every step as you make the change you want to see.  You won't fail.

Psychological and emotional

The investment to work with me is $10,000.  Check with your accountant, but in most cases career coaching and development is tax deductible. Your employer may also subsidize the cost. 


We meet weekly for 6 months.  Sessions are 50 minutes.  Homework between sessions is minimal. My clients find that prioritizing this hour for themselves creates MORE time in their schedules, not less.


Sounds good, but what are the eh, hem, investments...

You're probably thinking...

It's totally normal to feel unsure. This is a big step. You likely haven't ever invested in yourself before. Most of my clients, it's the first time they do. I get it. Let's talk about your goals and see if we are a good fit. I can answer any questions you have. If it isn't, well at least you know, right?

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