Entry Level to Senior Leader in Pharma/Biotech

October 28, 2020

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In this episode, Melissa interviews Ellen Lawrence, Director of Analytical Development with Emergent BioSolutions.  Listen in to this transparent and insightful conversation about the realities of growing your career, as a woman, and also a member of the LGBTQ+ community in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.  

She is sharing her career decisions and pivots that led her to the senior leadership team and her advice for anyone, especially women and those in marginalized communities, to rise up and achieve any goal.

What You’ll Learn

How to advance your career with challenging managers and work cultures

A unique view on career development and moving to leadership

The management style that helped Ellen move from peer to leader

Ellen’s advice for women and what she wishes she would have known

Featured in This Episode

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Tell our listeners a little about you
(Who you are, your current role, your education, etc.)

When did you start your career in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry and what was your entry role?

What challenges did you experience when working your way up to your current position?

How have you viewed career development throughout the years (as an individual)?

What is one decision you wish you didn’t make?

How has your views on management changed over the years?

What is one thing you wish you would have known when growing your career?

What is a piece of advice you would offer women who are looking to grow their career in phrama?  Those that are looking to go from individual contribute to people manager? From manager to director/department head?

Tell us about a time you had a setback in your career.  How did you overcome it?

What would you tell someone who wants to move into leadership but doesn’t have support from their management?

What is your management style?  How did you develop your style?

Can you name a person who has had tremendous impact on you as a leader (a mentor, manager, colleague – ) why and how did this person impact you (if confidential, don’t need to name person specifically)

What advice would you give someone going into leadership/people management for the first time?

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

What is it like being married to me (as a coach, career development guru, people advocate?)

(feel free to be informal here ;))

Anything else?

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