A Community for Career Women on a mission to be fulfilled in their career and life without fear or guilt

"Becoming Fearless"

Focusing on your development is going to make you more successful and joining a community that you can focus on you will get you there faster


Understand how your mind works, how to become fearless (what that even means), be more confident and step into the real you


Learn what is holding you back, how to excel your career, and practical tips for taking you to the next level personally and professionally


Be around like-minded women who have similar challenges and goals and get support, motivation and guidance from a certified coach

support system

Community is so powerful when it comes to success.
Are you in one that pushes you and supports you? Inside our tribe of women who want to become fearless you will find...

- ashley

"I went from not knowing what I wanted to do in my life to feeling confident and excited about my career. I now know what I want."

- katie

"I can't say enough good things about coaching with Melissa. My sessions helped me in so many ways. I finally feel like I'm on a clear path."

- teri

"Melissa gently nudged me toward my desired goals. She is a safe space and an excellent coach!"

Sound like a great fit for you?

learn how to show up fearlessly and shatter the glass ceiling

balance work and home life so you can be fulfilled as a mom, partner, and individual

be in a community of like-minded women and get support

learn about limiting beliefs that may be holding you back and how to overcome them

gain insight into practical career building tools and insights so you can take your career and life to new heights

This group is designed for women who are looking To...

That's right. This community is of no cost to you, ever. Join the Facebook "Becoming Fearless" group to learn how to advance your career, how to balance work and home life, and how to discover what is missing so you can live a fulfilled and joyous life.  I can't wait to meet you.


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