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A career coaching program for pharma/biotech professionals to discover their next best career move and make it happen.

Career Path


You’ve tried to figure this all out on your own, but you just can't quite put all the pieces together.  It feels like you've tried everything...

• You scroll LinkedIn and Indeed and it just leaves you defeated and confused. You feel stuck.

• You've created some success in your career, but you're not happy. You just wish you knew what move to make.

• You've been settling for good enough and it's stressing you out. You did all the right things but there has to be more than this.

you feel stuck. everyone else seems to know what they want, but although you have a good job, you're just not happy.

To wake up in the morning, excited to go to work.  You are contributing in a way that is providing value and making a difference.

You solve problems in only the way you can, and you are clear and confident in your career. You know what you want now and in the long term.  You know exactly how to get there too.

As a result, you are more present at home, more productive at work, and achieve more in your career than you can even imagine.  You didn't realize you could be this happy at work.

Picture how it will feel to finally know what your ideal career is...

That’s why I created  this easy-to-follow, step-by-step  program -

I hear you.

there can be lots of questions and confusion when considering a new coaching program like this.

If I don't know what I want, how can you?

Is it even possible for me to be happy at work? Is this too good to be true?

How is this program going to be different than my company training?

If you don't work in my technical field, how can you help? 

You might be asking yourself questions like...

This sounds like a dream, but you might be wondering if this will actually work for you?

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A one-of-a-kind 6 month group coaching program that guides you step by step to discovering your ideal career. you will know what you want and create and implement the plan to make it happen. you will have me and my proven process to guide and coach you every step.

Career Path Navigator


"Coaching with Melissa has given me clarity in my career path. It's helped me realize what makes me happy at work and gave me the confidence to pursue it."

- michelle k.

"I love being in this program!! Melissa has helped me know more what I want, advocate for myself, and keep me on track with my goals. It's definitely worth it!"

- Raffaella R.

"We spend so much time chasing the “right” career that we lose ourselves. CPN helps me know what to do with my career and learn more about myself so I make decisions for me."

- DJ B.

Testimonials from industry professionals like you.

• You make a bigger impact knowing you're in the right place, you no longer question what is missing or what else is out there for you.

• You have more energy and enjoy your life more - you no longer lose sleep, stress, or get distracted thinking about what to do about work.

• You look forward to the future. You are excited about your work and the direction it is taking.

• You have so much more time. You know what you want and make quick and confident decisions about your career.

• You enjoy your work and feel passionate about what you do. You no longer live for weekends and vacations.

Career after CPN...

• You've done what makes sense, worked hard, and it has gotten you success, but you wonder what else is out there for you.

• You overthink your career decisions, you don't want to make the wrong move so you hesitate to make a change.

• You're disengaged and it stresses you out because you know you have more to give, you just don't know what to do next.

• You spend time scrolling LinkedIn and Indeed to see what is out there and you compare yourself to others, doubting if you're in the right role.

• You enjoy some parts of your job but not all. It sometimes feels like you're just checking a box. You want to be passionate about what you do.

Your career now...

When you join Career Path Navigator, you become one of us. You see that you're not alone and other professionals in the industry at all levels are going through this with you. While you're navigating the process, get support, advice, networking and celebration.

A Private community

While you're discovering your next career move, you will have questions and problems that come up. You can get coaching and support any time you need it, at no extra charge. Everything has been taken care of for you to get the results you want.

on demand coaching

Application is everything. Once a week we will come together on Zoom for a mini lesson, to implement what you learn and overcome every obstacle that is in your way. You are also able to watch the replays or listen in on the private member's only podcast.

live weekly teaching & group coaching

You will learn the simple Career Path Navigator process for knowing exactly why you're not happy now and discover your ideal role. You will make a clear and confident decision about your next move and create a plan to make it happen.

The Member portal

What's Included

the goods

Bonus courses and workbooks are available on topics such as Building Confidence, Networking, and the brain science of career change.  You also get access to Melissa's new trainings, even when she doesn't provide a replay. This is a special perk exclusive to Career Path Navigator members.

bonus content

This program is all about learning the process and putting it to work. The workbook allows you to immediately take action. You will get a hard copy mailed to your door (United States only) that you can take anywhere. A PDF is also available in the member portal.

career Path Navigator workbook

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everything you need to know your best career move and make it happen!  Includes BITE-SIZED VIDEO TUTORIALS, A CORRESPONDING WORKBOOK, live weekly coaching, on-demand coaching, and A private professional community, not to mention a bonus library of content to help you reach your goals.

join for one payment of $3,000
(Or 6 monthly payments of $500)

Apply today, and finally know the role that will make you happy in your career.

The program is designed to have you identify your best move and make a plan to make it happen within 3 months, leaving the remaining 3 months for you to get coaching and support on making the change - whether it's negotiating your current role, moving to a new one, or starting your own business! You get coaching on interviewing, negotiating, and following through on your move.

You have access to all of the materials and trainings right away so if you want to go at your own pace, you can know your move and create a plan in 30 days.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO COMPLETE THE program AND Identify my best career move?

And you'll never miss a beat: you can go at your own pace or choose to follow the live structured teaching schedule. You have everything you need.


You can complete the course lessons from the comfort of your couch, kitchen table, favorite cafe, or even the park - as long as you have an Internet connection!

You can be in this program from anywhere in the world.

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You don't have to "feel ready", you decide you are.

• You want this. You want to know what your best move is and what else is out there for you. You will never regret knowing what your best role is and having the tools to make it happen.

• You deserve to invest in yourself and your career. There is no "right time", there is only the time you make right. The hardest decision is deciding to invest in yourself, after that, your goal is as good as done.

• The sooner you start, the sooner you get results. Why wait to get happy in your career?

• When you wait because you want to see what happens with a role you applied for, your boss, or any other factor, you are delegating your career to someone or something else. When you go through this program you know what you want for YOU and you learn to go after it.

There has never been a better time to start owning your career than now.

Why start today instead of waiting for enrollment to open again?

• You are looking for a generic assessment or tool to tell you what to do based on your resume.

• You are not in the Pharma/Biotech industry.

• You aren't willing to commit an hour a week to your career development.

• You are looking for a quick-fix or just interview tips and resume re-writing. You don't care if your next move is right for you, you're just looking for a change.

This is not for you if:

• You are determined to know your next best role and finally be happy in your career.

• You enjoy self-development and discovery. You want to feel more like the real you and not sacrifice your values at work.

• You are ready to own your results and follow the proven process so you can achieve your goals.

• You work in the Pharma/ Biotech industry. (Note: this doesn't mean what you discover has to be in the industry).

This is for you if:

You want to figure out your best role. Career Path Navigator works 100% of the time. You go from being confused, feeling stuck and wondering what else is out there to confidently knowing exactly what you want.

You will never have to buy another program or invest any more time or money into figuring this out. You will know once and for all.

The process is simple and different than anything else you have tried. This is THE thing that has been missing. You will know what you want and create a plan to make it happen. No more questioning yourself. Get ready to experience what it is like to feel confident and happy in your career.

Now let's get back to the heart of why you're really here...

Join other industry professionals like you who decided to create a new standard for work.

Imagine what it will be like to finally know what you want and have the skills and confidence to make it happen.

You could invest in a change and finally know what your best career move is. Feel confident in your career path and know exactly how to achieve your career goals. You will be unstoppable and do work that lights you up and makes your Mondays as good as your Fridays.


You could keep doing what you're already doing - hope you stumble upon your ideal role. Keep scrolling online or waiting for your boss to come around. You could keep wondering what else is out there and never truly intentionally choosing your career path. You could continue to settle for good enough.

You have a choice...

Investing in yourself can be scary.  Investing in your own development not only changes the trajectory of your career but it changes your relationship with yourself. Do something different = get results.
"i'm scared to invest"
This process didn't just work for me or a handful of people. It has worked every time with people across all departments in the industry. Regardless of your background, it will work for you too.
"it won't work for me"
You are spending time right now on all the wrong things. By focusing one hour a week in this program you are going to not only know what you want but you will create MORE time for what you enjoy.
"i don't have enough time"

You can do this (I promise!) ...even if you’re thinking…


"Melissa is that fresh set of eyes who helps you see things that were right in front of you all along. I now have a clear path what I want next. She helped me clarify my goals to align with my strengths and what really mattered to me at work. She also taught me how to reframe expectations to see situations from a different perspective. So glad I decided to work with Melissa!"

Kind words from clients like you

Yes. You will join the call with the other members of your cohort. When you want to be coached directly, simply raise your hand for coaching and you will be coached directly by Melissa. It will appear 1-1 but other members can listen and benefit from your coaching. Similarly, you can listen to other's get coached and benefit from their coaching. Although this may be new to you, past members find this to be one of their favorite parts of the program. You normalize what you are struggling with and grow so much faster than you would alone.

Coaching helps you not only discover answers within you that you may not realize but also helps you overcome blind spots you aren't aware of. When you raise your hand for coaching, you present your current situation, what you're struggling with or a question you have. Melissa then asks strategic questions that help you get to a solution and action to take. Given her expertise, she also provides specific guidance and strategies you can use.

You will discover your ideal role and career path. You will also create a plan to implement what you discover. You will have access to specific strategies and resources to help you get into your ideal role from interviewing to negotiating, having roles created for you and dealing with any obstacle that comes your way in the process. This will enable you to not only get into a better role but to do so with a better salary and benefits package. You will build confidence, become a better decision maker, and change the trajectory of your career for the better.

All you need is 1-2 hours a week. The weekly coaching call is one hour. The time you spend implementing can range from 30 minutes to one hour. You have the flexibility to manage the implementation to fit your schedule. You can take the program and materials with you on the go. Note that the 1-2 hours is NOT added to your schedule. This is replacing the current time you're spending searching and trying to resolve on your own. You will ultimately have more time in your schedule when you join.

After you apply - first celebrate! This is a big step and things are about to change for the better! Melissa will review your application to determine if you are a good fit for the program. You will be notified of your application status no later than Wednesday July 27th. Upon acceptance, you will be required to submit payment within 48 hours. Friday July 29th you will be given access to the member portal. The first coaching call is
Tuesday August 3rd at 12pm EST.  

The coaching calls are Tuesdays 12pm-1pm EST. It is expected you make an effort to attend the call each week so you can get the best results.  In the event you cannot make a call, the calls are recorded and available for replay within 24 hours.  The replay is available both in video and audio only on your member's only podcast.

Simply - to be sure we are a good fit for each other. In order to maintain the integrity of the program and make it the best experience for you, Melissa is curating a group of professionals in the industry for this program. This will ensure that those in the program with you are in the industry and working toward the same problem and solution. If you are in industry and want to know your best career move, you are encouraged to apply.

Sure thing! If you have any additional questions, you can email:


I'm Melissa. I help you figure out your ideal career and make it a reality. Like you, I had a great job on paper but knew there was something more for me. I know what it's like to be in your shoes and the benefits and pain points of the industry.

Now, I help people like you find their path and get to their next level in their career.  Whether it's changing up your current role, having a new one created, moving to a new role or company, or even starting your own business, I can help you.

I am a multi-certified Career and Life Coach, an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Professional Coach, host of the Navigating Your Career podcast, and I hold a Masters degree in Organizational Psychology.  On top of that, I am a former Talent & Development leader for Big Pharma, an Authorized Wiley and Leadership Challenge facilitator and volunteer on the Women in Bio Leadership Team.

Tell me more about your story...

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"Prior to working with Melissa, I felt I didn't even know who I really was anymore. I now have clarity in a path forward for a viable next career and feel more confident."

- Lorraine S.

"Before working with Melissa I felt like my life was out of control. Now I feel passionate about what I do. I am happier, stronger, and fully empowered."

- urszula w.

"My feelings about my career have completely turned around. I was unhappy, frustrated, ready to walk away. Through this process I have found my way again."

- Jenna B.

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You deserve to finally experience what it's like to know you're in the right role for you.

Apply today!

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