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You want practical career strategies to get to that next level in your career

You want to know how to excel in any work environment and stop hoping things get better

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With 20 years of Corporate experience, a Masters in Organizational Psychology, and the CEO of Melissa Lawrence Coaching, Melissa uses her proven expertise to guide you to a career that lights you up, gets to the level you deserve, and become happier in your life.  This where your career gets upleveled.

Career and Leadership Coach helping Pharma/Biotech professionals find their path to happiness at work

I'm Melissa.

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"Career Catalyst!"


Fantastic podcast that can help you in many stages of your career. Listening to this podcast was catalytic in my career journey. Melissa frames the topics in engaging and relatable ways. Thank you Melissa for the work you are doing to help others live their purpose!

"Simple & easy way to understand your mind"


I really enjoyed your podcast of Neuroplasticity - The Science behind changing thoughts.
It is fascinating how the brain works and as scientist I needed to hear all that background to click on my mind.



Melissa has excellent insights and addresses so many things on my mind. Not only that, she provides free tools and worksheets to make things foolproof!

Take the Quiz and find out in 2 minutes.  You'll also get a bonus guide to help you know what to do if you need to make a change.

Are You in the Right Career?

The simple and powerful 5 step process that gets your expertise used and your colleagues wanting to hear what you have to say.

Get Your Voice Heard at Work

Grab the companion guide to episode 42 - The Perfect 1-1 Framework. Includes the exact agenda items for the different 1-1s Melissa recommends.

The Perfect 1-1 Framework

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