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I help people of all identities advance their career on their terms.

1:1 Coaching for high achievers who know there is something more for them 

career coaching for those that want more for their life

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what you need is to stop trying to do and be like everyone else, discover what you really want and build the confidence to go for it.

What if I said you could know your ideal career, make it happen, and get happier in the process?

 You're stressed about your career future and aren't sure what path to take.

• There seems to be something different about you. You're a high performer with a lot of experience but your expertise is overlooked.

• The workplace culture is eating you alive. You are overworked and it is impacting you at home too.

You've always done what you thought you should do and aren't really sure what you want anymore, you know you just want something different. 

Is this you?

 You want to be the best leader and grow in your career but the company programs just aren't cutting it.

• You struggle with standing up for yourself, negotiating the best salary and getting your ideas listened to.

• You run into the same problems at work over and over and you're starting to wonder if you're the problem.

You're the best at what you do and know you could be happier, you are ready to bust through the stress and take back your life.


loving your what you do every day

increased respect and opportunity

certainty in your next career move

underutilized and bored 

being passed over on a promotion

Burnt out, stuck & unmotivated


Go from

— angela s.

"having little job satisfaction to now where i love my job has been a huge transformation"

 With a blend of psychology, brain science, personal development, and professional skills, you tackle the beliefs and thoughts that hold you back while also learning the tangible skills to advance

• My exclusive career mapping process not only tells you your ideal career today but also in the future. We look at your strengths, experience, skills, interests, and lifestyle to determine your perfect job. The process is fun and leaves my clients saying they know themselves better than they ever have in their life.

• Learn how to communicate with influence across all levels of leadership so you can get your ideas heard, get that promotion, and have a network of colleagues who love working with you

What my program is all about:

"I recommend coaching with melissa to anyone who wants a change"

I identified 3 goals and at the end of the sessions, I achieved all goals and was especially proud of 1 which was in a sweeter place than I could have imagined 6 months earlier. Today I value myself more and refuse to sell myself short. I have a much more positive outlook now! By using Melissa's tools, I've learned to flip the narrative in my mind that takes me down a rabbit hole that doesn't serve me. I've learned to build better relationships and be more effective. I've learned things about myself that make me freaking awesome! Having the opportunity to work through all my kinks was a lot of fun. I recommend coaching with Melissa to anyone who wants a change: their career, their role, company or just looking to challenge themselves in their current role. The tools Melissa has apply. The investment is definitely worth it! I feel empowered because of my coaching sessions with Melissa. The A-ha! moments were fantastic!! Melissa is good at her job and I'm glad I found her at this moment in my life.:
- Odette R., Project Management

"believe me, this will be the best investment you can ever make in yourself!"

"Before coaching with Melissa I was totally overworked and exhausted. I felt like my life was out of control. I was searching for jobs because I thought it was my only way out. Now I feel passionate about what I do. I am working on high profile projects, being recognized by leaders throughout my organization. Every week I'm learning something new about myself. I feel happier, stronger, and fully empowered. I would highly recommend coaching services by Melissa."
- Urszula W., Clinical Operations

"if you haven't tried coaching with melissa,
try it!"

"I have a clear path to what I want next. I have learned a lot about myself and Melissa helped me make an important decision. I'm looking at challenges, thoughts, and feelings differently. The best part was challenging my thoughts and decisions and helping me understand the "why". If you haven't tried coaching with Melissa, try it. Having someone who is objective and doesn't have any pre-disposed ideas of who you are is like opening a window and letting in the fresh air along with fresh ideas."
- Patty Q., Operations Learning & Development

"I'm now vocal about my workload and what is important to me. i now take rest and celebrate my accomplishments"

"I no longer think I'm not a good enough employee or that I need to change myself. I set boundaries and am able to walk away from work and be okay with it without feeling guilty. Coaching is a difficult process and you may be asked difficult questions that sometimes you don't know how to answer but that pushes you outside of your comfort zone. It changes how you think and handle those situations that cause stress and anxiety and make you unhappy. The best part is you learn how to avoid those situations in the future.
- Darya L., Clinical Project Management

"I am truly mind blown by my progress in just a few months!"

"My feelings about my career have completely turned around. I was unhappy, frustrated, burnt out, ready to walk away and through this coaching process I have found my way again.  I now have work life balance, spending time on new hobbies and feel like the "what ifs" and "shoulds" have been cleared. Investing in ourselves is so important and this process proves why, not only does it have an impact on you, but on everyone in your life. "
- Jenna B., Clinical Operations

"having little job satisfaction to now where i love my job has been a huge transformation!"

"My confidence has grown exponentially. Having a professional unbiased and fearless coach to guide me through my decision making and practice real life conversations before they happen left me better prepared and confident to advocate for myself. I started showing up for myself and my team. It's worth the money and if you don't make the investment in yourself, no one else will. Best money I ever spent on myself!." - Angela S., Manufacturing

"the best investment you can make is in yourself - the return is incredible!" 

"I'm able to ask for what I need, make any decision and build any boundaries I wish to. I'm (now) making time for the things that are important to me. It's ok to listen to myself. It's ok to not want to move up the management track to CEO of someone else's company. I want to help people in my own way, and believe I can! If you're unsure if you should try coaching with Melissa, just do it! The best investment you can make is in yourself - the return is incredible."
- Kate G., Risk Management

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